Most of us can be found in the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. We are told the key to a healthy life, is a healthy body; proper diet, enough sleep, not too much stress and plenty of exercises all play a significant role (as well as regular adjustments with your chiropractor of course!).

For me, exercising and keeping active is the most important part of my attempt at leading a healthy life. I exercise regularly, and friends often ask me how I stay motivated and how I stick with it. I have come to find these same friends repeat the infamous line ‘I will start on Monday’ every week. The term exercise immediately brings to their mind thoughts of hours spent mind numbingly running on a treadmill, and this intimidates them.

excercise for health

For those who are finding the commitment to exercise slightly intimidating, don’t think of it as exercising. You just need to move and get active. Maintaining a healthy body is not about spending 1.5 hours in the gym ‘exercising’; it is about movement and enjoying what you are doing. For me, one of the best ways of getting up and moving is walking. With benefits to your health such as reducing the risk of high blood pressure and diabetes, and the mood-boosting effect caused by hormone release when we are physically active, walking is a fantastic way to get moving while enjoying and exploring the outdoors alone or with family and friends. Furthermore, you do not need to pack up the car and drive off far into the countryside to do so; there are plenty of options right here in London.

For families that love pulling on their wellies and letting the dog off the lead, there is Richmond Park. Try following the main path from Norbiton to Richmond; you will come across Pembroke Lodge, a restored Georgian mansion with tearooms open to members of the public. Further along is Poets Corner, located within Pembroke Lodge’s gardens, with its breath-taking views across Petersham Meadows and the Thames.

For those who want a walk a little longer, I would recommend the Thames Path. Readily available from any point along the river, the Thames Path is a very good idea if you want something a bit easier under foot to pick up the pace. For those not afraid of braving the city, following the path from Putney Bridge to the London Eye is an 8-mile stretch passing Battersea Park and Battersea Power Station. Finally, for something on your doorstep that you can incorporate into your daily routine, try just walking through your local area, taking different routes each time.

Of course, there are other fun ways of getting up and moving; you just have to try them and see what gets you motivated.

Remember, wellbeing is about a healthy body and soul. So as important as it is to get active, it is just as important to make sure you’re enjoying it!

Claudia Russell