Our mission is to provide quality care
which inspires the whole family to achieve optimal
health and wellness.

At Northcote Chiropractic we practice the One Body Philosophy. You have one body. We are one team. So our Chiropractors and Massage Therapists work together to ensure a united approach to your healthcare.

We know and understand that your time is precious, so we create a bespoke care plan that is based on your individual needs and current health status, so ensuring you get the best results possible. Occasionally that might mean we recommended other health care professionals if that is the best option for you.

Chiropractic is the third largest primary health care profession in the world after medicine and dentistry. It is a natural, safe and scientific health care discipline that focuses on the health and wellbeing of your spine and nervous system.

It is important that the Doctors of Chiropractic at Northcote Chiropractic to complete a thorough consultation and examination to find the cause of your symptoms, as our aim is to fix the cause, not just the symptom.

The spine and the nervous system is the central control system for our body’s function. When there is dysfunction within this system a child’s, adolescent’s or adult’s health can be compromised and symptoms will occur. This is why Northcote Chiropractic is so passionate about helping families feel better and move well. When the whole family is well, the family unit is stronger, healthier and happier.

Northcote-Clinic_Emma“At Northcote Chiropractic we are passionate about you and your family’s health! Our aim is to ensure that every person who walks through our door benefits from a healthy lifestyle.

Everyone we see is truly individual, and we also make sure our care is related to who you are, so why not see how we can help you.”

Dr. Emma Burniston

How can we help?

“My twin boys were born eight weeks premature. In their first year, they were constantly unwell – ear infections, respiratory infections, etc. I started bringing them into Northcote Chiropractic when they were about 12 months. It’s amazing! When they begin developing any sort of infection, Emma can usually feel it. She can feel the congestion near their ears/glands, or in their chest.

I continue to bring them in once a week. I feel that the chiropractic adjustments will help improve their immunity and work out any little bugs they seem to get.

I only wish I had started sooner.”

Grady and Oliver Gaines

“I’ve been adjusted for about a year and it’s made a huge difference to my posture, comfort and health.

I was initially sceptical; however with each adjustment Emma made, it was easier for me to sleep and improved my day-to-day comfort in bounds. Her advice on areas (injury/ stretching etc) has also been invaluable.

Highly recommended”

Benja Hedley – Member of The British Team Speed Skiing Team

“I was in severe sciatic pain and was unable to walk unaided. I saw Emma who was able to treat me over a period of time and after the first visit the results were dramatic – pain was reduced, I had more mobility and I was able to do more.

I was made to feel welcome from the onset and at each treatment everything was explained to me in terms that I understood. I was listened to and felt completely at ease.

I told friends and family and one of then decided to seek treatment at Northcote as well. My condition is now stable and I feel much better physically and mentally.”

Mike Box

“I engaged the services of Northcote Chiropractic having suffered from a dull pain at the base of my back for the last 15 years or so. I had generally ignored the issue in the past as I was not in any severe discomfort however, I was encouraged to have the issue addressed. During my first visit/consultation, Dr. Emma carried out a visual examination and completed a number of scans which included assessing my general posture to determine where the stresses were in, not just my back, but my whole body and what was causing them.

Dr. Emma was able to inform me that I had general misalignment to the LH side of my back and pelvis. During my assessment, Emma was able to determine where I had previous sporting injuries including ligament damage which I has forgotten about overtime and could have contributed to my misalignment as my body overcompensated for the injuries. We are still at ‘work in progress’ stage and additional sessions will be required to keep my body ticking over in tandem with the treatment plan which is offered. I have already noticed an improvement and I have full confidence in Dr. Emma and her team who are clearly very knowledgeable and professional in what they do.

I would not hesitate in recommending Northcote Chiropractic to anyone unfortunate enough to experience neck and back pain.

Desmond Kelly

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