This week Dr Em and Dr Dem have been thirsty for positivity!

If you have been coming into the practice in the last few weeks you have probably noticed our flourishing plant life. This got Dr Demi thinking about the power of words and how we speak to others and ourselves.

If you think about everything in nature, when you break everything down to the lowest common denominator we are the atom – fundamentally we are made of protons, electrons and neutrons. What separates Dr Demi from Dr Emma, from the plant, from the Chiropractic table is the frequency at which those atoms vibrate at.

Everything in nature is energy and every word has a different vibration – this vibration has the potential to change the frequency at which your energy vibrates. Some words have higher frequency vibration some have lower frequency vibrations – these frequencies can affect our moods and have been shown to affect our physiology. Dr Bruce Lipton is an incredible epigeneticist who talks a lot about the power of words and its effect on our body.

One thing that we notice in practice, particularly when people are beginning their care, we ask them how their body is functioning they may respond with “not bad”. If you are using phrases like “not bad”, your reference point for how you feel is “bad” however if you flip the phrase to “good” which in essence is the opposite of “not bad” you can change the way that you feel about your body and this is a really important pattern to develop.

When we look at the brain you have your conscious and your subconscious brain. It is estimated that we have 65,000 conversations with ourselves per day and only 5% of these occur in our conscious brain. This means that 95% of the chatter in our mind is in our subconscious and is developed from these pre-programmed thinking patterns that have developed over your lifetime. So, if your reference is always bad, can you see how that may affect your mindset and health? So Dr Demi’s challenge for anyone who is watching or reading today is to try and be more aware of the words that you use when talking to yourselves but also when talking to the people around you.

Have you ever walked into a room and known that someone was in a bad mood even if you didn’t know who that person was or exchanged words with them? This is because we emit a bioelectromagnetic field and people can pick up on this. Dr Emma explains that sometimes she can get on the tube and feel happy and other times is bowled over by stress. Dr Demi also remembers her first experience walking into Northcote Chiropractic and feeling calm just based on the environment. Essentially changing these words and thinking patterns is exercising that discipline muscle.

Dr Emma had an experience a few years ago where she would find herself saying “ah it’s a tough life” or “I’m going on holiday, it’s a tough life” but actually when she really thought about it, it wasn’t a tough life so now she has altered her way of talking to “I’m going on holiday isn’t that great!” and to spin that takes discipline to train and change the mind like that.

Dr Emma has found herself exercising her discipline muscle while doing her pilates ‘Fantastic 5’ exercise challenge this week. She has been really good 90% of the time but walked her wonderful pooch Kimba last night and forgot all about it.  Dr Emma explains that instead of putting herself down for forgetting to do her exercises, she instead thinks, “today is a new day and those habits can start right back up”. This is a great reminder that if you have habits you are trying to develop, rather than creating negative self talk if you fall off the wagon, instead thank yourself for remembering the importance of the habit, enjoy the experience that you had (ie. for Emma it was walking Kimba, for others it may be enjoying that glass of wine or that chocolate after dinner) and then pick up the habit from day 1 tomorrow. Change takes time, it is important to love and be patient with yourself to create healthy and happy habits.

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