We got some amazing news for you! We have just started providing supplements at our clinic to provide you with more ways of reaching optimal health.

Vitamin D is one of the vitamins we up here in the north have heard of, but don’t get to absorb naturally as much as we would like and NEED. The sun has finally made its appearance, which is very exciting, and I know we all are praying for it to stay for the rest of the summer. But after a long, grey and wet winter almost all of us are deficient in this important vitamin. It is also present naturally in very few foods and it is therefore important to supplement our body to refill depleted stores. So why is vitamin D so important for us? Vitamin D is a very important for our body because it has a great impact on our neuromusculoskeletal health – which is what we help you optimize when you come to see us for an adjustment. This vitamin can therefore help supplement the adjustments we give you. It is a natural anti-inflammatory that help reducing inflammation happening in our body and can be of great help for those of us with chronic inflammatory conditions like osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, psoariatic arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease etc, but also for everyone else as high levels of inflammation is not good for any of us. It is also a key factor in calcium absorption in the gut, which is going to enable normal mineralisation of bone and can help prevent osteoporosis. This sounds pretty good doesn’t it?

OMEGA 3 is called an essential fatty acid for a reason, as it is essential for your body to function. Our body cannot make this fatty acid itself, so it is dependent on getting it through the diet. So why is omega 3 so important for us?  Omega 3 has many wonderful benefits in our body. We need it for brain function and development and it has been shown to slow age related memory loss and counter depression. Omega 3’s powerful anti-inflammatory ability can help lower blood pressure and lower risk of heart disease. For the same reason it can also help arthritis, keep you joints lubricated and lower risk of exercise related injuries. And as if that isn’t enough it can have great benefits to your eyes and skin as well. Overall a very important fatty acid for our body and another supplement that will support the adjustments your spine and nervous system receives beautifully!

It is also really important to eat the right foods for the supplements to be taken up in the right way in the gut. If you are not sure whether your diet is right or have any questions about nutrition, please don’t hesitate to ask our wonderful chiropractors for advice or go for the best option, booking in to see our nutritional therapist and health coach Alex Gear.

Come around to get your batch of supplements from the lovely Raquelle at the clinic and take a step closer to a healthier body.