Finding your why!

Following the inflammatory season (Christmas time)  is the season of resolutions and with that, comes the thought of “Am I setting myself up to fail?”.

It’s estimated that 80% of New Years resolutions fail and I believe that may have something to do with the ‘why’ behind the resolution.

So what is a why? Your ‘why’ is your purpose. Without a purpose or intention for an action or resolution, the chances of it failing are high. Imagine trying to light a soggy match – there’s a chance it may work although a better chance it won’t and you’re going to need to use a lot of power to light it. Your ‘why’ is a dry match; it’s what lights your fire. It’s your reason for doing.

I love being a Chiropractor because I am fortunate to meet some special people. One of those special people once said that you should ask yourself “why” 5 times to dig deeper into your reason for doing something. When you can answer this, what you’ll uncover is your purpose or your why and this is what you use as your anchor point when you’re faced with challenges along your journey.

This exercise doesn’t only apply to New Years resolutions but it also applies when people make the decision to come to the Chiropractor. Someone may come in with pain but is their pain the real why? Or is it that the pain is disrupting their sleep, and when it disrupts their sleep they’re cranky the next day. And when they’re cranky the next day the kids get upset; and when the kids get upset they get more upset creating an emotional stress bubble that feeds into more imbalance?

So if you’re someone who has made a resolution or would like to make a change, spend a few moments asking yourself why? Dig deep and uncover the reason why it is important for you and see if this helps you make the change.