When you know something’s not quite right…

Little Max is 5 years old, full of energy and the class clown. Since starting school his teachers have noticed that his handwriting isn’t improving, he has poor attention skills and can’t sit still.

Max loves football and his football coach has noticed his footwork isn’t the same as the other kids. At home he gets frustrated doing homework and his mother finds it hard to get him to try new foods.

His teacher has suggested to his mother that it may be worth taking him to a paediatrician. Max didn’t meet the criteria for ADHD, however his parents wanted to find an alternative approach to help Max which is when they came to Northcote Chiropractic Clinic.

On examination it was found that Max had a history of difficult birth, ran before he crawled, had a lot of ear infections and was quite sickly as a baby.

Our Chiropractor found spinal dysfunction and retained primitive reflexes indicating stress on Max’s nervous system. Our Chiropractor worked with Max and gave him home exercises which helped to integrate the retained reflexes and calm his nervous system.

The teacher reported improved handwriting and concentration and his football coach was pleased with his footwork.

As Chiropractors, at Northcote Chiropractic Clinic we focus on optimising the function of spine and nervous system. We are all born with a set of primitive reflexes, which should integrate within the first few months of life. If our nervous system is under tension through spinal dysfunction, which can occur at birth, due to trauma on the playground or stress at home, this can interfere with the integration of these reflexes. If the reflexes are retained in school age children it can create attention problems, learning or handwriting difficulties, sensitivity to loud noise and light, poor co-ordination, trouble sleeping or bedwetting.

Here at Northcote Chiropractic, we are concerned with the overall function of a child – not just when they have pain.

You can find out more about Chiropractic and Children here.

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