The flavour of this week is pregnancy…

Dr Demi has recently been to a seminar focused on taking care of the pregnant population and how Chiropractic plays a role in keeping mum balanced, strong and stable.

Research has shown that Chiropractic may have an impact on labour times and need for intervention. Dr Emma has been noticing that we’ve had quite a few pregnant mums starting their Chiropractic journey and finds it a real privilege to have the honor to adjust these women.

At Northcote Chiro, all of our wonderful Chiropractors are trained in a technique called the Webster technique. The Webster technique is a protocol used to check for balance in the pelvis and surrounding fascia.

Dr Emma explains what your Chiropractor looks for when they are assessing your spine using this protocol:

  1. First up is checking the sacrum because the sacroiliac joints during pregnancy take most of the load. If these joints aren’t moving properly, are not supported or not in balance than it has a big effect on the rest of the body as everything is connected.
  2. Secondly we check for fascial tension. Fascia is tissue that acts almost like glad wrap, it covers multiple muscles and organs and over time if the body is not in balance or under altered load this fascia can develop areas of restriction. In practice we may see this expressed as a bump that doesnt look in balance or mum’s complaining of “lightening crouch” – tension in the round ligaments through the front of their pelvis. This tension comes from the body compensating for a restricted sacrum through the back of the pelvis.

If you have fascial tension your chiropractor may give you some at home exercises to help release and maintain balance between your adjustments.

If you are pregnant, when should you start to see a Chiropractor?

Some mums in the practice come in at 6 weeks, some later at 20, 30 weeks – Chiropractic is useful at any stage. Sometimes it can be frustrating when we see a pregnant mum right at the end of their pregnancy. This is not because it’s too late to make change and improve balance in the body but because for some it is a new input in the system and like anything new it can take time to allow the body to get used to this way of moving.

So why do we love seeing mums-to-be?

Well many mums walk around in discomfort thinking that these are the normal pains of pregnancy. What we see in practice is that some mums may come in uncomfortable at 24 weeks and by the time baby is ready to come at 40, 42 weeks they report that they feel more comfortable now than in the early stages of pregnancy – because their body is moving in a way that is more conducive to how it is designed. Depending on your hobbies pre-pregnancy this can also impact how your body changes through pregnancy and where you may experience some discomfort. For example, women who love to run may have tight hip flexors and pelvic floor which has been that way for weeks, months or even years and then when they fall pregnant the tension in that fascia may make their bump look like it is sitting quite high as there is a lot of tension down below. So regular chiropractic adjustments as well as lifestyle modifications may help to improve pelvic balance and release some of that fascial tension that can be present prior to pregnancy.

To anyone who is watching or reading this who may be pregnant, currently pregnant or knows someone who is pregnant: it is important to remember that you don’t need to be in pain to benefit from Chiropractic, you just need a spine and nervous system. If there are any areas of subluxation, you may not know it as these don’t always cause pain but they change function. We believe it is important for you to be functioning at your optimum throughout your pregnancy, so if you think there is anyone who may benefit from Chiropractic please share this video or page with them.

If you know any midwives, doulas, physios or healthcare professionals who work with pregnant women, we would love to widen our net of like-minded professionals. We are always keen to share how Chiropractic can help and also learn more about how other professionals help support and nurture these wonderful pregnant women during their journey so that they have all of the information to create the best birth plan for them 🙂

Alternatively why not give us a call on 020 7350 1100 and make an appointment for an initial assessment by one of our lovely Chiropractors. They are all very experienced at working with mums to be, children – and babies too!

You can find out more about Chiropractic and Children here.


Dr Dem & Dr Em x