Hello all lovely readers!

It is a New Year and for many some New Promises about a ‘New Me’. The exciting month of January offers a clean slate and a fresh start for those who want it, but it usually doesn’t come without challenges. The most common speed bumps, after making the new and promising wows, are:

1. Sticking to them, even on a grey and rainy winter morning, and

2. Actually achieving the goals you have set.

I wish I could offer help and guidance on all the goals you have set this year, but my expertise lies in the health and wellness of the bodily nervous system, basically what controls the whole of your body, so that is what I will write about in this post…

A big percentage of the New Year’s Resolutions involve health, wellness and fitness. And that is only logical as very few people set goals hoping to be unfit, lazy and depressed! This comes from our inner instincts telling us that the way to be happy and succeed at life is by being healthy and taking care of ourselves. Which is very much true. It is a bit like ‘your body is your temple’. Taking good care of your body is an invaluable investment as your body is the only place you have to live the rest of your life.

So now that you have made that great choice of moving down that healthy and happy path towards a better you, the next step is to make sure your body is ready for the big change in health and lifestyle. This is very important if you want to avoid injuries and other problems on the way, which is usually what has a big effect on speed bump number 2. There isn’t anything more annoying than injuring yourself in the gym two weeks into your new regime, because your body and nervous system wasn’t ready for it.

So what could be a better way to make sure you and your body is ready for this change, than taking care of what controls the whole of your body?

The Nervous System is the master control panel of your body, co-ordination and executing every single process going on in your body at every second of every day. So when you go to your new gym using your muscles to get rid of the Christmas turkey, it is your nervous system innervating the muscles and making sure the right muscles are firing, so you can perform your exercises. It is your nervous system sending signals to all your postural muscles to make sure you stay upright when you are walking. It also sends signals to the digestive organs telling them to digest your food and store and dispense energy at all times. And any other body function you can think of.

The nervous system can only execute all these functions properly if there is no disruption in their neural pathway. A very common problem affecting the nerve flow is subluxations in the spinal joints. These subluxations can appear from many different reasons, the main ones being, how we move, eat and think. They usually only become evident to the individual when symptoms start to appear when the nerve flow is interrupted. Depending on where in the body they are they create different symptoms, but very often people experience pain, restricted movement of any part of the body, altered sensations, coordination problems, clumsiness and so on. Having a properly functioning nervous system can help protecting your body from potential injuries coming from your body not being aligned and the wrong signals are being sent between your brain and body.

So if you do have any symptoms or even if you don’t, why not see your Chiropractor at Northcote Chiropractic Clinic and make sure your nervous system is in tip top function before you skip off to the gym and into the New Year?

We are here to help!

Happy New Year and Good Luck to you all!

Dr Judith Johanne Torstvedt