My first chiropractic adjustment was in early January 2018. As a healthy, 24-year-old woman, I had never experienced any back pain or had any health concerns or issues. To be honest, I always associated chiropractic with old age. So when I started working at Northcote Chiropractic Clinic as a Chiropractic Assistant, I quickly learned that chiropractic was something for everyone at all stages of life, and helped with more than just back pain. 

I decided to get my first adjustment from Judith to see what patients were experiencing and to have a better understanding of chiropractic so that I could excel in my role as a CA.  For the past 6 months prior to receiving my first adjustment and preparing for my move to the UK from Canada, I would get mild to severe headaches a few times per month which required me to take an aspirin to function normally and carry on my daily routines. Occasionally the headache would turn into a migraine that made my eyesight and hearing sensitive and caused nausea. I thought the reason for this was dehydration as I have always struggled to maintain a good daily water intake. 

When Judith did the thermal and muscle scans on my initial appointment, I was actually surprised to see how badly I was subluxated in my shoulder and neck area. Having told Judith I suffered from headaches, she attributed the subluxated area to the reason my I was getting headaches. It made sense to me, the subluxation in my cervical spine was causing signals from my brain to become blocked and therefore could not send proper signals throughout the rest of my body which made my body unable to function properly. 

It’s now been around 6 months that I have been under chiropractic care, getting adjusted around 1-2 times per week. From what I can recall, I have only experienced 2-3 headaches in total since my first adjustment, which is a significant improvement! Working with a group of women that are all passionate about health and wellness has also made an impact in my overall health. To support my weekly adjustments, I workout 5 times per week, try to stay hydrated as much as possible, eat as healthy as I can and occasionally indulge in a massage from the massage therapists at work as well.

I would recommend chiropractic to anyone, with or without a major health concern or issue. It can truly make a difference in supporting your body and improving the function of your overall health. Now, whenever I feel stressed, under the weather, sore from a workout, fatigued or sleep in an awkward position, I get an adjustment from my lovely colleagues at Northcote Chiropractic and they sort me right out!

Practice Manager