Real Client Before & After Chiropractic Treatments

Before ChiropracticBefore Chiropractic

This is one of our amazing clients!

Victor came to Northcote Chiropractic with shoulder pain and was concerned about his posture. As you can see Victor had a high left shoulder when he bent forward which is a sign of Scoliosis. Scoliosis is the sideways curve of the spine and can be either structural or non-structural. The above is an example of non-structural scoliosis which is a result of compensation patterns due to dysfunction somewhere else in the body.

The body is designed to protect you and as the brain is the master controller of your body when there are areas of subluxation in the body interfering with normal movement and function, the brain will do whatever it needs to to the rest of the body to ensure that it is always seeing balanced on the horizon, it is this compensation over time which may start to affect posture.

Chiropractor’s assess for and if necessary adjust areas of subluxation to allow your body to return to a more balanced state. A subluxation is an area of interference into the master control system – the nervous system – which impacts the bodies ability to move back to balance and to maintain normal posture. The image on the right was Victor at his first progress examination – how awesome is that change!

The body is incredibly intelligent when it is given the chance to work without nervous system interference!

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