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Chiropractic is the third largest primary health care profession in the world after medicine and dentistry. It is a natural, safe and scientific health care discipline that focuses on the health and wellbeing of your spine and nervous system.

The Chiropractors at Northcote Chiropractic primarily assess the alignment (posture) and movement of the spine and carry out muscle, orthopaedic and neurological tests to highlight any areas of the spine and / or the nervous system that are not functioning optimally. As well as the joints of the spine, our Chiropractors at Northcote Chiropractic may also assess the function of other joints in your body including but not limited to shoulders, knees, elbows, ankles etc.

The reason our Chiropractors are so interested in your spine is because as well as allowing you to be upright and flexible, it also has the major role of protecting your nervous system. Your nervous system is your body’s main control system and therefore needs to function at it’s best.

Areas of joint dysfunction may or may not be accompanied by pain or symptoms and can therefore go unnoticed. Our Chiropractors use their hands and skill to find areas of restriction and then make specific adjustments to the spine and body to improve function.

At Northcote Chiropractic, our Chiropractors believe in a natural approach to health care and do not use drugs or surgery.

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Ten things to know
before seeing a Chiropractor

1. What is the difference between chiropractic, physiotherapy and osteopathy?2017-02-26T13:58:46+00:00

The primary difference that sets chiropractic care apart is the focus on the spine, nervous system and the body’s own healing ability. Rather than just focusing on the symptoms and the immediate problem, chiropractors turn their focus to finding the underlying cause of your problems. Not only will they help you to feel better, but you will also function better and this will prevent recreating the problems in the future.

2. What happens in an initial consultation?2023-11-06T18:49:11+00:00

An initial consultation with our chiropractors consists of a comprehensive history and a full examination including neurological, orthopaedic and chiropractic testing. The purpose of this exam is to find out whether or not you have joint dysfunction (subluxations) that is interfering with your body’s ability to adapt, repair and regenerate. If X-rays are needed we will refer you. X-rays can normally be taken as soon as the next day if needed.

3. What is a subluxation?2023-11-06T18:46:40+00:00

Spinal dysfunction or the spinal segments that are not moving properly are what chiropractors call Subluxations. Subluxations change the way your body moves and communicates, they may cause back pain or neck pain or for others it may cause clumsiness, or reduced sports performance, or changes to your mood. The thing is we don’t yet know how exactly subluxations are going to affect you! We need to do a lot more research to figure this out. But in the meanwhile, why don’t you consider chiropractic care! Make sure your spine is functioning well so you can operate at your best!

4. What is an adjustment?2017-03-02T13:58:18+00:00

It is a very specific force to your spine/joint with the intention of restoring the function of your spine and removing the interference from your nerves. This is called a chiropractic adjustment.

5. Will the adjustment hurt? Is it safe?2017-03-02T13:58:30+00:00

It is a misguided notion that chiropractic care is painful; all our Chiropractors take care when adjusting. You could think of an adjustment as lifting a heavy weight off your toe. Chiropractic care is safer than back surgery, taking aspirin or flying on a commercial jet.

6. Will I get an adjustment on the first visit?2017-03-02T13:58:48+00:00

This depends on what is found in your initial examination. If the chiropractor finds something that needs further attention or if an X-ray is required then an adjustment may not be given and you will only need to pay for the consultation and examination. If it is a straight forward case, you will be adjusted on your first visit.

7. How long does an adjustment take?2017-03-02T13:58:57+00:00

The actual adjustment may only take 5-10min, but remember it is not the adjustment that does the healing. The adjustment will help to remove interference from your nervous system and allow your body to heal. Your body will continue to heal over the next few hours, days and even weeks.

8. How long do I need to come for?2017-03-02T13:59:08+00:00

How long you choose to benefit from Chiropractic care is always up to you. It really depends on your goals. If you are simply after pain relief, then that may take anywhere from one visit to a few months worth of visits. If you want to correct the underlying issues and get back to performing at your best, then that may take anywhere from a few months to a few years. And if you want to maintain that level of health, energy and vitality for a lifetime and stop yourself recreating the problem in the future then you may choose an ongoing wellness care plan.

9. How long until I start to feel better?2017-03-02T13:59:20+00:00

Everybody is different. Our recommendation, given to you on your follow up appointment, is based on the success we’ve had with others with similar problems. Since each visit builds on the one before, we suggest that you keep to your given care plan for best results.

10. What is the popping sound? If it doesn’t ‘click’ or ‘pop’ does it mean the adjustment hasn’t worked?2017-03-02T13:59:32+00:00

Some types of adjustments produce a ‘popping’ sound, similar to uncorking champagne. The sound is interesting, but isn’t an indicator of the value or quality of the adjustment, neither is it an indicator as to whether the adjustment has worked or not.

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“I’ve been seeing Emma for over a year now, at the time my back was giving me great pain. Emma took me through an extensive consultation to diagnose the problem and swiftly provided effective treatment.

Now my back is in tip-top condition and I visit monthly as I find that the most effective way of ensuring it stays that way. The fact that Emma is super friendly and professional is a great comfort.

David Siequien

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